A small act of kindness, can make a big difference

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted; This is what I felt through the smiles of the children at Light up their world. I got the first privilege of volunteering during the Christmas season. It’s a season of joy and giving and I’m glad I got to be a part of this project, because it did indeed bring joy not only to those kids at the home but to us as well. To make things interesting the team had planned for carols to be held there and I was given an opportunity to sing and practice some carols with them. Once we handed over the sheets, they were so eager to learn, that they started writing the words down in Sinhala. The children were very keen and immediately a few singers were spotted among them. When I was walking around this little girl came up to me and curiously asked, if Santa was going to visit their home for Christmas. This made me realize, how we take life for granted, when all this kid wants, is to have a fun day with Santa.

Being true to the fact that every kid deserved to be united through the diverse festivals in out motherland, the club also celebrated colorful Thaipongal festival and the Sinhala and Tamil New year with the kids. I was able to have a joyous day with them at the Thaipongal festival. We handed the kids with some colored powder to start drawing Kolam. Several kids took charge and guided the others on how to design and which color to choose. It was interesting to watch they way they moved as a team, to get beautifully finished Kolam drawings. The club members did get worried cause we thought they would make a mess with the powder. However, the children had their own fun in a disciplined way with no chaos. I also had a day where I taught them English and Math. It was difficult in the beginning, because from person to person they learn at a different pace and we have to make sure that they don’t feel uncomfortable with the way we deal with their questions. But after some time, I got used it, and then it became easier because of the passion the kids have for knowledge and growth. This passion is what fuels us ,to keep teaching them more and help them in the best way we could. It is what helps us, to not give up on them but to keep pushing to get our purpose across to them.

During my time at the home, the children were being very friendly, and they were keen to learn and somehow get the best from us. Whether it is the way to pronounce a word or if the math they solved is correct; they did not hesitate to question us. Not just from us, but they helped each other out as well. It was nice to see such high spirits among them and how they were helping each other solve math problems and correct spelling mistakes in whichever way possible.
I’m very grateful to the Organizing crew of the Rotaract Club of SLIIT, for pulling off such
fun filled days with joyous memories for the children and for letting us be a part of a truly remarkable experience.

Light up their world has changed and is changing many lives for the greater good!

Experience share by –

Rtr.Sharoni Anthony

Member 2019/20

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