A Mysterious Thriftventure!🔎🧩


Spooky silence during the quarantine period enabled the eternal whispers of the magnificent forest of words! Yes it is a forest full of words! And we knew that there is a treasure hidden inside so why not we let our fellow Rotaractors to hunt it? That is when RACSLIIT organized “50-SHADES” the biggest virtual scavenger hunt of Rotaract history.

Starting from the project name itself is a miraculous mystery, if you noticed. This scavenger hunt comprised of 50 riddles coupled up with many exciting side challenges adding more color. The treasure keeper was willing to gift the grand prize of Rs. 10,000/= to the ultimate treasure hunter and many other gifts for the winners of side challenges.

With 450+ treasure hunters to be fueled with Yummylicious cuppies of Cakes 2.0, energizing RedBull from RedBull Sri Lanka and geeky T-shirts from T-shirt Geek, so began the hunt! The first level was unlocked, so as the genius minds. The easy peasy lemon squeezy riddles were able to take the treasure hunters one step closer to the treasure (ගේමක් නෑ නේද මල්ලි). This level did another help! Our kind Treasure Keeper gave the hunters a chance to say I love you to their favorite cakes. So it revealed interesting facts about DRR Bala’s maniac time, Rtr. Nimsara’s cake crush, Rtr. Nazmi’s master piece and more!

(Go have a look) https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE4MDk0NTEyODI5MTU3MzU4?igshid=1vbix2zezzeav


Rtr. Nimsara recieved the yummylicious gift from Cakes 2.0 and yes, Rtr. Nimsara, DRR Bala and Rtr. Vinuri ranked number one, two and three respectively in the level one leader board.

Next level was not so easy peasy and yes it squeezed them all! (ඒ මොකක්ද අප්පා ඒ උනේ)

However this time the treasure keeper gifted a large case of RedBull as a payoff for the effort to unlock the riddles. Rtr. Pasan was the lucky winner of this precious gift.


Third level revealed that, the deeper you search the closer you are to the treasure! Thus, as a payoff, three lucky treasure hunters were to be awarded with customize T-shirts from T shirt Geek! The treasure hunters were given a side challenge to draw a Dinosaur and Rtr. Nimsara (as usual) presented the treasure keeper with a mind-blowing masterpiece. (Bala අතාරින්නෙ නෑ)


RACSLIIT was honored to see that our beloved DRR. Bala was securing highest in the leader-board.LeaderboardLVL2Post

It was the time for a divergence, so arrived the level four: fun, laughter and surely clues to the treasure.


The treasure hunters were given the blueprint with dagger marks to find the treasure on their own. They met one guy so frequent who they were not willing to meet in middle of the hunt because he carried misleading dagger marks. (දන්නෝ දනිති)


After hours of hunt, they finally arrived with hands full of keys to unlock the final level.

Then arrived the ultimate level of the entire hunt. Entire previous hard work and dedication were recognized. The path was full of adventure, thorny shrubs, and storms yet with excitement and laughter. (අඩේ මේකට ද වංකගිරිය කියන්නෙ)

With yummy tummy side challenges and meme challenges, treasure hunters made it to the final step. Also not to forget that our silent yet loud hunter Rtr. Kithmee was scoring higher with her memes!

It marked the end of the biggest virtual scavenger hunt of the Rotaract history. Rtr. Vidushith Jayasundara of RACUSJ walked away with the grand prize of Rs. 10,000/=.


However, just like it says in Pirates of the Caribbean,” not all treasure is silver and gold mate”. The treasure that we all hunted was the laughter, joy and fellowship! 

CONGRATULATIONS HUNTERS! YOU ALL MADE IT! : Love, Laughter and Fellowship 🎊


The Treasure Keeper was happy and satisfied. He promised he will be back with more exiting hunt again. So RACSLIIT would like to make this an opportunity to extend heartiest gratitude towards all the participants across numerous Rotaract clubs leading DRR. PP. Rtr. Krishan Balaji and Rtr. Kithmee De Silva for taking part and making it till the end!

20200531_141609_0000One අන්තිම last final clue : you are welcome to unlock 🔓 

“This name comes to your mind if it is about a scavenger hunt, RACSLIIT is proud as we lead our fellows for innovative and sustainable initiatives with guaranteed fellowship!❤️”

Written by –

Rtr. Hansi Edirisinghe

Co-editor 2019/20

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