FAQ about 50-SHADES 2021

Hey there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You wanna know about 50-SHADES, then this is the right place.

This article contains the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about 50-SHADES!

It is a Virtual scavenger hunt mainly based on blogs and social media handles of RAC SLIIT. The participants will be awarded with points from the beginning i.e. registration to the event itself.

Anyone around the globe in teams of three. It is a public event.
Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotarians, friends of Rotaract and everyone around the globe despite any barrier is welcome. All three members do not have to be from the same club and do not have to be Rotaractors.

There will be a mix of riddle based quests in 5 levels and exciting side challenges. The riddle based quests are based on the articles published at rotaractsliit.com. The quests will be on time bound. However, everyone will be allowed to participate in all 5 rounds. The best time records and total points will be considered to select the winner. The judges decision will be the final decision.

Follow the link below to register.


A team should register only once.

Please accurately fill all the required details.

Sooner the better (Early registration = more points). Interesting nah, entering the hunt with points which keeps the team ahead of others at the beginning.

Early birds catch your spot before the 25th of April 11:59pm!

Yes,but it’s a Grand surprise! Stay tuned with us and the prizes will be revealed soon.

To know more about the hunt, go through the previous year’s 50-SHADES blog through the for more info button below 😁

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