~Real Heroes never die! Say NO to suicide!~

Life is a war. Living is a struggle. Thus, in a way we all are warriors. Being a human and getting a controllable life to live is a miracle. The more this life meet obstacles, more it becomes beautiful, as a river flowing through hills and slopes.

Unfortunately, we humans who seek short cuts for everything, do not see the worth of life. We tend to give up easily. When a harsh situation pops up, we try to escape from it without facing and accepting it. As a result of this human nature, today “suicide” has become a major global issue. It has turned in to such an influential issue to human lives. World Suicide Prevention Day is observed on September 10 each year to promote worldwide action to prevent suicides. 2020 is the third year that the WSPD theme is “Working Together to Prevent Suicide.”  


Suicide is defined as intentionally taking one’s own life and comes from the Latin word Suicidium which means “to kill one self”. Literally speaking suicide or complete suicide is the successful act of intentionally causing one’s own death. Suicide prevention remains a universal challenge. Every year, suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death globally for people of all ages.  It is responsible for over 800,000 deaths, which equates to one suicide every 40 seconds. Every life lost represents someone’s partner, child, parent, friend or colleague. For each suicide approximately 135 people suffer intense grief or are otherwise affected.  This amounts to 108 million people per year who are profoundly impacted by suicidal behavior. Suicidal behavior includes suicide, and also encompasses suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. For every suicide, 25 people make a suicide attempt and many more have serious thoughts of suicide.

WSPD14Suicide is a global phenomenon and occurs throughout the life span. In this space, the intention is not to just emphasize the global issue, But to provide the knowledge to stop it creating more issues. Suicides are preventable. Much can be done to prevent suicide at individual, community and national levels. For prevention it is mandatory to know the risk factors which causes suicidal thoughts. And also how to cope with these suicidal thoughts and face the life as a hero.

The most cited risk factors for suicide include psychiatric disorders, genetics, substance abuse and family and social situations and interactions. Mental disorders play an overwhelming role in the increased risk of suicide also family and socio-economic problems too play a contributing role in factors affecting suicide. Unemployment, Homelessness, Poverty, Childhood sex abuse, Social isolation, Loss of a loved one and other life stresses increase the likelihood of suicide. Thus, when exploring these risk factors it is kind of clear that even though it’s one life which is taken away by someone’s own will, the reason may not be actually coming from him or her, but from outside forces.

There are certain suicide prevention methods and treatments based on patient risk factors. If the suicide risk factor mainly revolves around a psychiatric disorder, it is better to seek professional help or to go for a consultant or a psychotherapist. Increased awareness, is also a prevention technique. Being aware of your own feelings and thoughts as known as “mindfulness” and taking care of them is the best option to defeat suicide. Negative self-talk should be eradicated and self-confidence and esteem should be practiced. True that stresses due to social factors, economic factors and other external stereotypes cannot be ignored. But we should always be aware of the limits and should take actions to save our life from anything that would affect it badly, for the sole reason that “YOU” are the only you the world got as you. So, you must live first to make the world a better place. You worth living and your life is so precious to be given away.


Before concluding, let me present an acronym I use to explain the style of living. Just ACT!

A stands for Acceptance, moving on with life as it is presented in the moment. Then C stands for choosing a valued direction. Believe in yourself and select where you want to end up in your life’s journey. T stands for Taking action. Working towards your goal. Simply life is a matter of ACT.

Those who ACT well can defeat stresses and suicide and build up a better world for others as well. Remember even in the alphabet “U” comes before “V”. So, to work for Us, You should live first. Dying is not an option, and will never be an answer for a question. You will not even be alive to feel the relief from the pain.

Life is for heroes, not for losers. So don’t be a loser! Live among the difficulties, and prove that real heroes are those who LIVE not DIE!

For suicide prevention assistance and guidance:  

  • Sumithrayo – 011 2692 909, 011 2696 666 , 011 2 683 555
  • CCCline – 1333
  • Shanthi Maargam – 0717639898


සැබෑ වීරයන් අමරණීයයි! සියදිවි නසා ගැනීමට තිත තබමු!

ලෝක සියදිවි නසාගැනීම් වැළැක්වීමේ දිනය

කඳු බාධක මැදින් ගලාගෙන යන ගඟක් කෙතරම් සුන්දරද? කම්කටොලු වලින් පිරි අපගේ ජීවිතද එබඳු ය. ජීවිතය නමැති යුද පිටියේ, ජීවත්වීමට අරගල කරන අපි සියල්ලෝම රණශූරයෝ වෙමු. නමුත් කණගාටුවට හේතුව නම් ආශ්චර්යයක් වූ මිනිස් ජීවිත‍ය ලැබීමට වාසනාවන්ත වීම ගැන අපේ ඇති නොදැනුවත් බවයි.යථාර්ථයට මුහුණ දෙනවාට වඩා ප්‍රශ්න වලින් පැන යෑමට දක්ෂ අපි ජීවිතයේ හමුවන බාධක ඉදිරියේ ඉන් පලා යෑමට “සියදිවි නසා ගැනීම” නම් වූ කෙටි ක්‍රමය භාවිතා කරන්නට පෙළඹී සිටින්නෙමු. වර්තමානයේ ගෝලීය ගැටලුවක් බවට පත්වී ඇති සියදිවි නසාගැනීමේ ඉහළ යෑම, පාලනය කිරීමේ අරමුණෙන් සෑම වසරකම ලෝක සියදිවි නසා ගැනීම් වැලැක්වීමේ දිනය සැප්තැම්බර් 10 දින අනුස්මරණය කරනු ලැබේ


සංගණන වාර්තා වලට අනුව සෑම තත්පර 40කට වරක්ම සිය දිවි නසා ගැනීමක් වාර්තා වන අතර ලක්ෂ 8 කට ආසන්න මරණ සංඛ්‍යාවක් වාර්තා වී ඇත.එක සියදිවි නසා ගැනීමකින් ආසන්න වශයෙන් මිනිසුන් 135 පමණ දැඩි ලෙස කම්පාවට පත්වන බව ද වාර්තාවේ.තවද සෑම උත්සාහ විසිපහකට එක් සාර්ථක සියදිවි නසා නසාගැනීමක් අයත් වන අතර බොහෝ දෙනා සිය දිවි නසා ගැනීමේ අරමුණ සහිතව ජීවත් වන බව හෙළි වී ඇත.දිවි නසා ගැනීම් වැළැක්විය හැක. ඒ සඳහා පුද්ගල,සමාජීය සහ ජාතික යන සියලුම ස්ථරවල එකමුතු බව සහ කැපවීම ඉතා වැදගත්ය.

සියදිවි නසාගැනීම් සඳහා ඇති අවදානම් සාධක අතරට මානසික ආබාධ, ජාන විද්‍යාව, මත්ද්‍රව්‍ය අනිසි භාවිතය සහ පවුල් හා සමාජ තත්වයන් සහ මිනිස් අන්තර් සම්බන්ධතා ඇතුළත් වේ. විරැකියාව, නිවාස නැතිකම, දරිද්‍රතාවය, ළමා වියේ ලිංගික අපයෝජනය, සමාජ හුදෙකලාව, ආදරණීයයෙකු අහිමි වීම සහ වෙනත් ජීවිත ආතතීන් සියදිවි නසා ගැනීමේ සම්භාවිතාව වැඩි කරයි. සියදිවි නසාගැනීම් වැළැක්වීමේ ක්‍රම සහ රෝගියාගේ අවදානම් සාධක මත පදනම් වූ ප්‍රතිකාර ක්‍රම තිබේ. සියදිවි නසාගැනීමේ සාධකය ප්‍රධාන වශයෙන් මානසික ආබාධයක් නම්, වෘත්තීය උපකාර පැතීම හෝ මනෝචිකිත්සකවරයෙකු හමුවීම වඩා හොඳය. දැනුවත්භාවය වැඩි කිරීම වැළැක්වීමේ ක්‍රමයකි. “සිහිය” ලෙස හැඳින්වෙන ඔබේම හැඟීම් සහ සිතුවිලි පිළිබඳව දැනුවත්ව සිටීම සහ ඒවා රැකබලා ගැනීම සියදිවි නසාගැනීම් පරාජය කිරීමට හොඳම විකල්පයයි.

WSPD11සමාජ සාධක, ආර්ථික සාධක සහ වෙනත් බාහිර හේතු නිසා ඇති වන ආතතිය නොසලකා හැරිය නොහැකි බව සත්‍යය. නමුත් අපි සෑම විටම සීමාවන් පිළිබඳව දැනුවත් විය යුතු අතර අපගේ ජීවිතයට අහිතකර ලෙස බලපාන ඕනෑම දෙයකින් බේරී සිටීමට පියවර ගත යුතුය. මේ ලොවෙහි “ඔබ” ලෙස සිටින්නේ ඔබම පමණයි.ලොව යහපත් තැනක් කිරීමට නම් ඔබ ඔබේ ජීවිතය යහපත් කරගෙන සිටිය යුතුයි.

ජීවිතය, වීරයන් සඳහා මිස පරාජිතයින් සඳහා නොවේ. පරාජිතයෙකු නොවී දුෂ්කරතා අතර ජීවත් වන්න! සැබෑ වීරයන් අමරණීය බව ඔප්පු කරන්න! එකට එක් වී සිය දිවි නසා ගැනීමට තිත තබමු.


தற்கொலை ஒரு தீர்வு அல்ல, தொடர்ந்தும்  போராடுங்கள்

உலக தற்கொலை தடுப்பு நாள்

வாழ்க்கை ஒரு போர். வாழ்வது ஒரு போராட்டம். ஒரு வகையில் நாம் அனைவரும் போர்வீரர்கள். ஒரு மனிதனாக இருப்பது மற்றும் கட்டுப்படுத்தக்கூடிய வாழ்க்கையை வாழ்வது ஒரு அதிசயம். மலைகள் மற்றும் சரிவுகளில் ஓடும் ஒரு நதியாக, இந்த வாழ்க்கை எவ்வளவு தடைகளை சந்திக்கிறதோ, அவ்வளவு அழகாகிறது.

suicide prevention 02

துரதிர்ஷ்டவசமாக, எல்லாவற்றிற்கும் குறுக்கு வழியைத் தேடும் மனிதர்களான நாம் வாழ்க்கையின் மதிப்பைக் உணர்வதில்லை. நாங்கள் எளிதாக விட்டுக்கொடுக்குறோம். ஒரு கடுமையான சூழ்நிலை தோன்றும்போது, ​​அதை எதிர்கொள்ளாமல் ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளாமல் அதிலிருந்து தப்பிக்க முயற்சிக்கிறோம். இந்த மனித இயல்பின் விளைவாக, இன்று “தற்கொலை” ஒரு முக்கிய உலகளாவிய பிரச்சினையாக மாறியுள்ளது. இது மனித வாழ்க்கையில் செல்வாக்குமிக்க பிரச்சினையாக மாறியுள்ளது. தற்கொலைகளைத் தடுப்பதற்கான உலகளாவிய நடவடிக்கைகளை ஊக்குவிப்பதற்காக ஒவ்வொரு ஆண்டும் செப்டம்பர் 10 ஆம் திகதி உலக தற்கொலை தடுப்பு நாள் அனுசரிக்கப்படுகிறது. 2020 உலக தற்கொலை தடுப்பு நாளுக்கான கருப்பொருள் “தற்கொலையைத் தடுக்க ஒன்றாக இணைந்து செயல்படுவது” என்பது ஆகும்.

தற்கொலைகள் தடுக்கக்கூடியவை. தனிநபர், சமூகம் மற்றும் தேசிய மட்டங்களில் தற்கொலை செய்வதைத் தடுக்க பல மாற்றங்களை முன்னெடுக்க முடியும். அதனை முன்னெடுப்பதற்கு முன்னர், தற்கொலை எண்ணங்களை ஏற்படுத்தும் ஆபத்தான காரணிகளை அறிந்து கொள்வது அவசியமாகும். மேலும் இந்த தற்கொலை எண்ணங்களை எவ்வாறு சமாளிப்பது மற்றும் ஒரு நாயகனாக வாழ்க்கையை எதிர்கொள்வது.

suicide prevention 05தற்கொலைக்கான மிகவும் மேற்கோள் காட்டப்பட்ட ஆபத்து காரணிகள் மனநல கோளாறுகள், மரபியல், போதைப் பொருள் துஷ்பிரயோகம் மற்றும் குடும்பம் மற்றும் சமூக சூழ்நிலைகள் மற்றும் தொடர்புகள் ஆகியவை அடங்கும். தற்கொலைக்கான ஆபத்து அதிகரிப்பதில் மனநல கோளாறுகள் பெரும் பங்கு வகிக்கின்றன, மேலும் குடும்பம் மற்றும் சமூக-பொருளாதார பிரச்சினைகள் தற்கொலை பாதிக்கும் காரணிகளில் பங்களிப்பு செய்கின்றன. வேலையின்மை, வீடற்ற தன்மை, வறுமை, குழந்தை பருவ பாலியல் துஷ்பிரயோகம், சமூக தனிமை, நேசிப்பவரின் இழப்பு மற்றும் பிற வாழ்க்கை அழுத்தங்கள் தற்கொலைக்கான வாய்ப்பை அதிகரிக்கும். எனவே, இந்த ஆபத்தான காரணிகளை ஆராயும்போது, ​​அது ஒருவரின் சொந்த விருப்பத்திற்க்காக பறிக்கப்பட்ட இன்னொருவரின் வாழ்க்கை என்றாலும், காரணம் உண்மையில் அவரிடமிருந்தோ அல்லது அவளிடமிருந்தோ அல்ல, மாறாக வெளி சக்திகளிடமிருந்து வந்திருக்கலாம் என்பது தெளிவாகிறது.

WSPD14நோயாளியின் ஆபத்தான காரணிகளின் அடிப்படையில் சில தற்கொலை தடுப்பு முறைகள் மற்றும் சிகிச்சைகள் உள்ளன. தற்கொலைக்கான காரணி முக்கியமாக ஒரு மனநல கோளாறைச் சுற்றி வந்தால், பிறரின் உதவியை நாடுவது அல்லது ஆலோசகர் அல்லது மனநல மருத்துவரிடம் செல்வது நல்லது. அதிகரித்த விழிப்புணர்வு, ஒரு தடுப்பு நுட்பமாகும். உங்கள் சொந்த உணர்வுகளையும் எண்ணங்களையும் நினைவாற்றல் என அறிந்துகொள்வதும் அவற்றைக் கவனித்துக்கொள்வதும் தற்கொலையைத் தோற்கடிப்பதற்கான சிறந்த வழி. எதிர்மறையான சுய பேச்சு ஒழிக்கப்பட வேண்டும், தன்னம்பிக்கையும் மரியாதையும் கடைபிடிக்கப்பட வேண்டும். சமூக காரணிகள், பொருளாதார காரணிகள் மற்றும் பிற வெளிப்புற ஸ்டீரியோடைப்கள் காரணமாக மன அழுத்தத்திற்கு உள்ளாகுவது உண்மைதான். ஆனால் நாங்கள் எப்போதுமே வரம்புகளைப் பற்றி விழிப்புடன் இருக்க வேண்டும், மேலும் எங்கள் வாழ்க்கையை மோசமாக பாதிக்கும் எந்தவொரு விஷயத்திலிருந்தும் காப்பாற்ற நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க வேண்டும். எனவே, உலகை சிறந்த இடமாக மாற்ற நீங்கள் முதலில் வாழ வேண்டும். நீங்கள் வாழத் தகுதியானவர், உங்கள் வாழ்க்கை மிகவும் விலைமதிப்பற்றது. எதற்கும் தற்கொலை ஒரு முடிவில்லை.

Written by :Rtr. Sakuni Galappaththi (Co Editor 2020/21)

Tamil Translation By :Rtr. Lathushanan Koneswara (Co Editor 2020/21)

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